Executive Summary

Quline is a customer based mobile application that links customer to merchant and allow them to register themselves in predefined merchant queue either by scanning a printed QR code or using a published merchant code.

Customer can use the app to register, activate, login, join queue … etc.



For any line of business that deals with onsite customers handling customer queues is always a challenge, merchants and store managers are always looking for stable and reliable queueing system. While cost always comes as one of the main differentiation aspects.

Merchant handling customer queue


Quline is a cloud based free queueing system that enables merchants to have a smooth and easy to use queueing system, without the need to deploy any additional software or buy any new hardware.

Quline is web based back end system and handy mobile application, where merchants are using the backend to setup their merchant accounts, customers will use the mobile app to create a customer account.

With few sample steps, both parties will have access to the system and the system will handle the queuing in a very smooth and unique experience.

Customer Journey

The below diagram illustrates the customer expected journey and functions calls.

Quline customer journey
Quline customer journey

Story board

The below Hi-Level intro describes the application story board,

Quline Registration
Quline QR setup
Quline QR setup
Quline QR scanning
Quline QR scanning
Quline turn screen
Quline turn screen

Quline edge

Quline has its own edge to compete in this tough market, mentioned below is a high level overview between Quline and other competitors shows multiple advantages towards Quline app.

Quline Other systems
Cloud based Yes
Mobile app Yes (Partial functionality)
Web based system Yes
No hardware needed Yes Extra hardware needed
Free Yes License and CR cost

Quline advantages

Beside the previous shown table, Quline has more advantages to offer to its customers and merchants.

For merchants,

  • Quline handles on store and online reservation within the same system
  • Quline offers rating and customer feedback reports
  • Quline provides online access to see the store progress in real time

For customers,

  • Quline allows customers to send comments and rate services
  • Quline allows customers to setup handle their queue via mobile and see the merchant queue progress
  • Quline provides the same exact customer experience across different merchants and business

Quline features

Quline system has multiple features embedded in the same system without any additional changes or upgrades,

  • Light mobile application
  • Customer turn notification
  • Rating and comments for customers
  • Web page for non-application customers
  • Multiple customer service options support
  • Multiple counters support
  • Multiple employees support
  • Online reports
  • Historical searches
  • Customer waiting and handling time
  • Shift based system to fit multiple business units